Reduce the “at-risk” level of your organization to cyber-attacks by leveraging Celestya’s service professionals and dedicated service representatives. While the robust Q-LOG system is user-intuitive and easy to use, Celestya is there for you to help drastically reduce cybersecurity risks.

Celestya and its representatives have attractive service packages to assist you in meeting your goals. These include:

  • Customized and targeted phishing campaigns that are designed, developed and executed exactly as your organization requires. Results are analyzed and compiled in a report with recommendations for additional training scenarios according to the risk-level that the organization has set for itself.
  • Evaluating and testing your organizations business critical servers for potential weakness. Mock attacks can be conducted on your organization according to your preferred schedule in order to provide a realistic evaluation of your servers’ level of vulnerability. A full report uncovering vulnerabilities along with recommend improvements is provided.
  • Building effective, interesting and engaging multi-media training clips for Enterprise Policy training and as highly effective educational landing pages and file attachments to train employees who have failed a mock phishing campaign. Multi-media learning is the most effective way to train, yet developing effective multi-media content can be challenging and time consuming. Let Celestya help you with this task along with your data security team.