How Safe is Your Data?
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Cybersecurity By Changing
Human Behavior
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Human Behavior Awareness Training IS Cybersecurity

Just one mouse click by a well-intentioned employee can cost your organization millions of dollars in direct costs and even more from lost business, tarnished reputation and angry customers.

The proven way to secure your valuable data and protect your business is by turning each employee into an educated human shield, stopping cyber-attacks in their tracks.

The Q-LOG Cyber Awareness Training System trains your employees automatically, unobtrusively and effectively day after day. No more lengthy, quickly forgotten and ineffective seminars that keep your employees from their work without giving you the protection you need.

The innovative Q-LOG system brings targeted, interesting and time-efficient cyber-awareness training to the PC screen, without interfering with their normal work.

Save Millions of Dollars – EACH YEAR

For every 1,000 employees expect to lose $2.5M each year from cyber-attacks and data leakage.

Cyber research has proven that these costs can be cut by 70% or more by using the Q-LOG CATS system.

How would you like to save $1.7M or more each year for every 1,000 employees

Phishing, Social Engineering, Malware, Ransomware – We’ve Got You Covered



A cyber-aware educated employee will not click on a dangerous link, fill in a malicious contact form or download a destructive attachment. The Q-LOG Phishing system consistently and effectively trains your employees to recognize even the most subtle schemes.

Social Engineering

Social Engineering

Prevent social engineering attacks by using the Q-LOG Policy Education module to automatically train employees on data security policies and safe practices. Tailor the training to reflect exactly what you need in your organization.



Create and execute sophisticated and customized mock phishing attacks with Q-LOG’s built-in library of phishing campaigns consisting of emails, landing pages and file attachments having a full range of difficulty levels that gently transform your employees into cyber-aware Human Shields.

Effective, Measureable & Customized

Q-LOG targets training according to each employee’s awareness level. Individual success rates are stored in a database for tailored follow-on training that reinforces weak points and raises them to the next level.

Separate your organization into groups and target specific training campaigns to reflect their unique challenges and performance requirement

Desktop, Removable Media, Mobile, – Q-LOG trains the way you work

Q-LOG is a cross platform system that educates employees exactly the way they work.
The Q-LOG cross platform system automatically trains on desktop PCs, thin client appliances, DVD/CD discs, USB media, tablets and mobile phones.
Best of all, there is no need for client-side software!

Have it your way with Q-LOG Services

The Q-LOG system is intuitive, well-documented and easy to learn. 
Celestya’s Professional Services packages may be the right solution for those customers desiring the best training by off-loading certain tasks to Celestya’s network of professionals who can manage, customize and execute training campaigns exactly as you need them. Click here to find out how