Human SIEM – Behavior-Based Automated Cyber - Awareness Protection

Celestya’s patented and breakthrough solution – Human SIEM – revolutionizes cyber – awareness training and protection by integrating SIEM information with the trusted QLOG cyber-awareness training system. For the first time ever, your network is dynamically protected by access control restrictions based on the user’s actual network behavior in the work-environment. Personalized training materials are provided automatically to the individual user, based on how the user’s actual network behavior in the work-environment.
Human SIEM is a fully automatic solution requiring no manual intervention and integrates with all leading SIEM platforms.

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Find out how to Slash Training Costs and Improve Network Security


Fully customized cyber-awareness training is derived from actual user behavior as recorded in the SIEM logs. Huge savings in training costs by focusing on areas of deficiencies only.

An individual profile is built for each user based on their daily network behavior, the training modules completed, their organizational role, and cyber-awareness proficiency from tests and actual behavior. Drastic reduction in training costs through customization and personalization

Fully automated system. No manual tracking or pushing of training materials. Minimizes training management costs.

Seamless integration with all of the leading SIEM platforms. Quick and cost-effective installation and integration with the SIEM platform already in use.

Seamless integration with 3rd party cyber-awareness systems such as Phishing/Smishing/LMS simulators. Leverage investments already in place

Automatic restriction of user access following infractions. Better network cyber-security.

Cyber-awareness training costs are slashed using Human SIEM. The fully automated system trains users only on what they actually require.

Security events like unsanctioned web-browsing, disk-on-key misuse and falling prey to phishing schemes are detected by the organization’s SIEM system. Through the seamless integration to QLOG, the employee receives the customized cyber-awareness training based on the mistakes actually made.

Human SIEM also provides active cyber-security protection based on actual employee behavior. For example, an employee who repeatedly visits forbidden web sites can have their web access curtailed automatically by Human SIEM. Active directory access can be automatically suspended for employees who fall prey to phishing schemes. Full access is automatically restored after successfully completing the relevant training module.

QLOG’s Human SIEM module performs all of the above, and more, automatically with a fully customizable rule-based system based on SIEM information, for both cyber-awareness training and active cyber protection through access restriction.